Get your Kids to Do Their Chores! (Painlessly & Consistently) Click here for the free guide!

Get your Kids to Do Their Chores! (Painlessly & Consistently) Click here for the free guide!

With unusual honesty Trisha shares her story of raising a unique family. From adopted toddlers to troubled teens to supernatural encounters with our heavenly Father who understands it all, her life will encourage you wherever you are in your own journey! 

Susan Alexander Yates

bestselling author and speaker

Parenting with Faith, Hope and Resilience

This book is a memoir of a divine calling to transracial, special needs adoption and a big family.

Children should feel unconditionally valued and accepted regardless of birth circumstance, race, or ability—and Trisha Campbell and her family rose to this challenge. After a faith search inspired her to care for hungry orphans in a developing country, she and her husband responded to God’s calling and adopted five children to join their biological three.

Life in a big, transracial family can be difficult, especially when many in society don’t think White families should adopt kids of color. But when God is in the lead, every day is an adventure—never lonely, never boring.

Often, we imagine parenting will be a beautiful place where we start a wonderful adventure…

And it is.

But like most adventures, there are challenges.
You can do all the right things, with all the purest motives and still go through storms.
I get it… I’ve been there and done that.
Which brings me to here and now for you… As a willing guide that’s made the journey.
My greatest hope is to help quiet your parental storms, or quiet your soul as you go through them. I don’t know everything nor do I pretend to… but I can give perspective and insight for the wonderful journey ahead!

About the Author

Trisha K. Campbell is a mother, author, and advocate. After questioning her faith and volunteering in a third-world country, Trisha realized her true calling and God’s purpose for her life. After having three biological children, she and her husband added five more children to their family through foster care and transracial adoptions. Though a blended family with several special needs children didn’t come without challenges, God helped them through every difficulty as they responded in loving obedience to His clear calling.

Facebook Posts

3 weeks ago

Trisha K Campbell
I love this…written by a father of 6, with 2 sets of twins. ❤️I remember back when we first told people that my wife was pregnant with twins—there were plenty of handshakes, hugs, and congratulations, but I also heard this line quite a bit: “Oh man, your life is over!” A common refrain, and one which all parents have heard expressed, in some variation or another, many times. Of course, it’s usually said with a smile and a laugh, but it reveals something true: Your life *is* over when you have kids.That thing that I called MY life. That portion of existence — that long, lonely chapter — when I lived for me, and me alone. That delusion known as my life, where I exerted, or thought I exerted, ownership over my whole self. Where I separated my life from all other lives, and lived to satisfy my whims and desires. That’s all over. I’m not living for me anymore. I never should have lived just for me, but now I can’t. Either I become less selfish, or I fail in my duty as a parent. There is no middle ground.Parenting requires you to live for something greater than yourself. In fact, it requires you to redefine and repurpose your concept of self. Surely, that doesn’t mean that I have no identity, or that I shouldn’t take time to unwind, or that I shouldn’t be sure to step away from the kids sometimes and take my wife out on a date. So I get it. My kids aren’t my life. But I’m not my life, either. I was at one time, or I thought I was, but not anymore. And their lives are eternally tied to mine, and mine to theirs, and every decision that I make will have an impact on them, for better or for worse. This is a responsibility that I must always keep in mind, all of the time, no matter what. It’s not my life. It’s hers, it’s theirs, it’s ours. Ultimately, it’s His, and He has given it to them. So my life — MY life — is over. This is true. This is beautiful. This is why parenting is a high calling. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Trisha K Campbell
Less than a week and it will be our 40th anniversary…how is that even possible??? It’s like a snap of the fingers…7 houses ago, a dozen or so cars (due to teen car needs), 8 kids, 6 different high schools w/8 graduates, 4 colleges w/3 graduates, 3 weddings, 13 grandchildren, and now we are renovating still another house to “retire” in and it seems like we have never worked harder. …It’s just how we roll. #Godisgracious #eightwasenough ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Trisha K Campbell
Over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the federal government had to put boots on the ground in Galveston TX to enforce freedom from slavery. Worthy of a national holiday, especially for all who had been illegally kept under the heel of slavery despite their earlier ... See MoreSee Less
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