Get your Kids to Do Their Chores! (Painlessly & Consistently) Click here for the free guide!

Get your Kids to Do Their Chores! (Painlessly & Consistently) Click here for the free guide!

Learn how to listen to God’s guidance with this powerful true story.

You’ll Discover:


How to find your purpose in parenting

The saving love of God, and truth in scripture.


Multilayered challenges

Faced by parents during the adoption and foster care process.


Encouraging guidance

For the unique difficulties of raising a boy or girl with special needs.


Relatable, amusing anecdotes

Collected while raising eight kids—because they say and do the darnedest things and sometimes you just need a laugh!


Creative parenting advice

To handle discipline, difficult topics, tantrums, chores, and more.

Children should feel unconditionally valued and accepted regardless of birth circumstance, race, or ability—and Trisha Campbell and her family rose to this challenge. After a faith search inspired her to care for hungry orphans in a developing country, she heard God’s calling and adopted five children to join her biological three.

Life in a big, transracial family can be difficult, especially when many in society don’t think White families should adopt kids of color. But when God is in the lead, every day is an adventure—never lonely, never boring.

A heartfelt memoir of God’s grand design for her life purpose, Eight Was Enough chronicles a devoted Christian parent’s journey in trusting God with unwavering faith to create a divinely inspired, transracial family. Full of spiritual insight for parents on their own adoption or fostering adventure, this true story will guide you through the sometimes difficult but always rewarding and adventurous path of adding a child to your home—and your heart.

A family is created through love and God’s purpose, not color or ability. Get Eight Was Enough now for the inspiration and hope to answer the calling on your own parenting adventure, no matter what comes your way.

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With unusual honesty Trisha shares her story of raising a unique family. From adopted toddlers to troubled teens to supernatural encounters with our heavenly Father who understands it all, her life will encourage you wherever you are in your own journey! 

Susan Alexander Yates

bestselling author and speaker

Trisha K. Campbell has written what will become a parenting/family classic…This book is real. It is not just theory. It presents parenting in all its nitty-gritty. Success as well as “failure” is given. Along with parenting skills, this book will increase any Christian’s faith. It will encourage the reader to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit and trust God to provide where He leads. I highly recommend this book to all…engaging and inspirational.

Phillip Van Heusen for Reader’s Favorite

An exciting, captivating, difficult-to-put-down book on family life. A must read. This book is valuable not only for adoptive parents with transracial or special needs children, but for all parents, or would be parents. If one desires to discover God’s purpose for their lives, wants to know how unity can be achieved in family life, and seeks creative, loving, and effective ways of raising their children, this book is for you.

Rev. Dr. R James Tasker

Author, Nations Are God’s Idea: Exposing and Countering the Assault on Sovereignty

Table of Contents

1. The Odyssey
2. The Calling
3. We Are Pro Zoe
4. Procedures in Parenting
5. All Aboard for Babylon
6. Godly Number Seven
7. Crazy Eight: Bubba
8. Back to the Burbs
9. Adventurous Chance: Troubled Transplants
10. Your Destiny Is Your Choice
11. Dream On and Close It Down

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